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A Rogue Like that I'm working on that originally started as a 7DRL game jam entry, I've been working on it more and slowly evolving it into the rogue like I would want to play.


= 20200327 =
* lots of performance improvements.
* larger icons for drops so that you can see them better

= 2020324 =
* Menu can be activated with escape key
* ability to save and load the game
* New colors 
* equip-able armor and weapons
* Probably needs a lot of balance work.  feedback would be awesome

= 20200321 =
* Added animation for leveling up 
* Added new splash screen
* Location of healing potions and gold are now more randomized
*Location of Traps are more randomized 
* Animations don't interrupt interactivity unless specified now.  Example is hit animation interrupts but level animation does not.
* lots of internal bug fixes and speed optimizations

= 20200315 =
* Added the Cow Imp per my son.  Its a slightly tougher and oddly colored imp.
* Fading to black between levels...nice transition
* Fading to red on death
* Fixed bug that crashed the game if zoomed out too far.
* Added blob monster, he still needs a bit of work.
* Added centaur at level 2
* Added bouncing ball monster at level 1
* Lots of bug fixes and performance improvements.

= 20200311 =

* slowed down animation of IMP.
* Functioning traps. Not sure about if these should be on level one and how strong they should be.
* Changed background music
* Player and monster now turns to face the direction of motion
* Started working on my own graphics so that I didn't have to keep using the stock ones.  New Player and floor tile.

= 20200310 =
 * Animated enemies - New enemy the IMP

 * toggle music on and off
 * variable speed for creatures so that some can be run away from and others not.
 * various performance improvements

= 20200308 =

* added functional xp / level system
   set currently to 30xp per level
   goblins are 2 xp
   kobolds are 4 xp
   gold is 1xp
   finding the stairs and going to the next level is 20xp
* with the level system comes a max hp per level so as you go up in levels you get more hp
 * added inventory system
   potions end up in the inventory and get used from there
 * bumped version up to .2

Updated 2 days ago
Published 23 days ago
StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
GenreRole Playing
Tagsdragonruby, Roguelike
Average sessionA few minutes


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dude, you've done tons of work. please keep at it :)